A Missouri woman took an amazing photo of a “firenado” while she was driving. The farmer was burning his field of crops when a gust of wind whipped up a fire tornado. This was not the first time that we have heard or seen anything about a fire tornado. They have also been spotted in Brazil, California and the United Kingdom. 

“Fire whirls turn and burn. They are rapidly spinning vortices that formFirenado when air super-heated by an intense wildfire rises rapidly, consolidating low-level spin from winds converging into the fir like a spinning ice skater, pulling its arms inward.”

According to the weather center fire tornadoes are more common than what most people would want to believe. “The typical fire whirl can grow to about 100 feet tall, but is very narrow, on the order of a couple of feet wide.” 


  fire-tornadoes-3fire-tornado-4 fire-tornado-2

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